Hara Hachi Bu – Eat up to 80% Full

Hello everyone!

Today I would like to talk about one of the Japanese wellness theories – “Hara hachi bu (腹八分、eat up to 80% full)”.

Here is the breakdown of the word’s meaning:

Hara = stomach

Hachi =8

Bu = portion

(Meaning, ” 8/10 of stomach”)

It is said that Japanese foods are healthy, but as you may aware, “how to eat” is also a key to be healthy.

I have read many books and articles, and found out that eating too much is not only affecting our current weight, but also our health. Actually, obesity causes many serious diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure and kidney diseases.

If you are over 40, “eating moderately” is the first step to maintain your health.

Here is my typical dinner which is a typical dinner for many Japanese, too – Rice, sashimi (raw fish), natto (fermented soy) and miso soup with lots of vegetables:

I try to eat “moderately and well-balanced”. I try not to eat too much staple food (rice) but eat more veggies and protein-rich ingredient (mainly fish and soy).

Eating is one of the things what we do every day. Not only what you eat, but also how to eat build our future. “Hara hachi bu” is not stressful, actually it is doable. Let’s do something good to make ourselves happy.

Happy aging!