Effects on Eating Less When Working from Home

Hello everyone!

Since COVID-19 began last year, our company allowed us to work from home, 3 or 4 times a week (depending on the State of Emergency). Since then, I started snacking while working (my favorite is rice crackers).

Of course I started gaining weight. So, I started eating gum or candy (3pcs of candy a day), instead of my favorite rice crackers. But I could not lose the gained weight….

Next, I started to stop eating regular lunch when I work from home (when I work at our office, I eat). Instead, I started to eat very light foods, either of follows:

  • Boiled eggs (I do not eat eggs every day, so 2 eggs when work from home will be OK)
  • Fruits (usually bananas)
  • Oatmeal and yoghurt

I usually read health magazines, then realized that healthy middle aged people do not eat every meal. They eat things like above once a day, instead of regular meal. So I followed this idea.

Finally, I started to lose weight little by little (around 1kg per month). I realized that eating regular meals 3 times a day may be too much, especially when we stay at home all day.

Other than losing weight, I noticed the benefits below:

  • I do not feel tired easily. After age 40, I started to get tired easily. However, since reducing my lunch, I feel more energized. I think digestion requires much energy than we think.
  • Preparing/eating/clearing time is much saved, around 20 or 30 mins per day. So I can spend this extra time for something else, such as exercising or reading.

We have been grown up by hearing “eating three meals a day”, but after age 40, it may be unnecessary because basal metabolism is lower than when we were in 30s. Unless you are involved in jobs which require much physical exercises, eating three meals a day may be too much at least for me. (the rest two meals should be well-balanced though).

I read many articles saying that eating too much gives negatives impacts on our body, such as obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure and so on.

Now feel that eating less is more beneficial especially when I stay home all day.

This is my favorite, a well-balanced salad.

Our health standards may change depending on our age and era. Thankfully, now we have internet and can obtain so much good information. Choose beneficial information which makes you happy and healthy.

Happy aging!