Takimika : A 90-Year-Old Japanese Fitness Instructor

Hello everyone!

Today I am going to introduce one of the amazing elderlies in Japan.

Ms. Mika Takishima, or Takimika in short, is the oldest fitness instructor in Japan. She’s 90.

The other day she appeared on a very famous Japanese TV show, Tetsuko’s Room (which I introduced in my past blog). Appearing on this show is prestigious, probably just like appearing on Oprah’s show in the US.

(The left is Takimika. The right is Tetsuko, the most famous celebrity in Japan.)

According to her self introduction, she started going to a gym at age 65, then became a fitness instructor at age 87…. I cannot excuse myself to give up something because of my age. Who can imagine to be the oldest fitness instructor when you start exercising at 65??

If you think about yourself becoming 90 years old, you may not always imagine positive things. However, her powerful attitudes (actually her motto is “Power aging!”) definitely motivate us. As she says, “Age is just a number”.

This is her official YouTube channel (mainly written in Japanese), which is actively updated. Some movements are pretty hard for me…

I also found this link, which has English subtitles, from the official channel of Adidas Woman. You will be amazed by her clear voice and smooth movements.

In my opinion, one of the reason she became popular is her smile! She smiles a lot, which makes her so charming. Of course she trains herself strictly to become who she is now, but she looks like enjoying herself.

She says she studies English so that she can teach her methods to the people in all over the world. You may see her on your local TV someday.

She is one of my role models, maybe she will be the same for you.

Happy aging!