Health Beneficial Teas

Hello everyone!

It’s very hot here in Tokyo! We, common Japanese people, feel sorry for the athletes who have to compete in this hot weather…

As you may know, hydration is very important especially in hot weather even if you are not athletes. In Japan, there are many health beneficial teas other than green tea.

Today I would like to introduce some of my current favorites.

  1. Barley tea

Barley tea is a very familiar tea for us in summer. Many households make this tea and keep it in fridge during summer. This tea contains antioxidants and has some benefits such as “improve blood circulation”.

2. Black soybean tea

This will be very good especially if you are in menopause period, because it contains isoflavone which works like female hormone. This also contain anthocyanin, and some other antioxidants too. Above all, this is very tasty!

3. Buckwheat tea

I open the teabag and eat inside as well, to eat it as a whole.

This tea contains one kind of polyphenol, rutin, which strengthen our blood capillary and prevent from blood related diseases.

All of them have toasty aroma because they are roasted, and match with any cuisine. All of them do not contain caffeine.

If you drink tea for gaining health benefits, I recommend you not to add sugar in these teas. We Japanese usually do not add sugar in teas (some people add it in regular black tea, but we usually drink teas without sugar). Needless to say, excess sugar intake is harmful to our health, such as causing diabetes and obesity.

Find your favorite tea and enjoy your life!

Happy aging!