Vegetables are Key to Keeping Youth

Hello everyone!

Today we received vegetables from my husband’s parents.

They look so beautiful, don’t they?!

I will use everything, including the fabulous carrot leaves. 😉

We often hear the phrase of “Eat more veggies!”, but I do think so when I see my parents-in-law.

My father-in-law grows vegetables in his field next to his house, as a hobby. He usually grows around 15 kinds of veggies at once, so he always gets various types of veggies. He tries not to use pesticides as much as possible.

When we visit their house, they serve many kinds of vegetable dishes. They usually like to eat them raw such as salad and pickles.

Probably from these reasons, they look very young and healthy considering their age of mid 70s.

Especially my mother-in-law, she is 74 but looks more than 10 years younger. Also, when she took a physical performance test, the result showed that her physical age was early 40s! She is not a health fanatic, but she naturally eats lots of veggies and does exercise every day.

One of the things I enjoy living in Japan is the change of seasons. Every season we have various veggies. In this season, cucumbers, tomatoes and green beans are the vegetables in season.

I would like to keep my youth and health by eating more veggies.

Happy aging!