Wellness Trip in Kagoshima

Hello everyone!

The other day I went back to my hometown, Kagoshima. Kagoshima is located in the southern part of Japan. Today let me introduce some wellness activities in this warm city with full of sunshine.

The symbol of Kagoshima is Mr. Sakurajima. You may be able to see it from your airplane.

This fabulous view always makes me feel so good!

You can actually visit Mr. Sakurajima by ferry. While riding on the ferry, try this tasty udon dish, which is one of the features of Sakurajima ferry.

If you visit Sakurajima, I definitely recommend you to take hot spring (onsen) at Rainbow Sakurajima. This facility is located near the ocean. The view of the ocean from the bath is very liberating!

Near the ferry terminal of Kagoshima port, there is Kagoshima aquarium (the Sydney Opera House-look-alike building. Around the aquarium, you might even see dolphins in training if you are lucky!

You will have chances to visit Tenmonkan, the downtown of Kagoshima city.

There are so many specialties in Kagoshima, but this time I visited this lovely café called Vege Café Lo, in front of Kagoshima City Hall.

They serve a big bowl of salad as a starter. This time I chose this “pumpkin and processed cheese salad with carrot dressing”.

And the main dish is “Salt koji chicken”, which made me full and satisfied. The price is JPY1100, which is relatively reasonable.

I also visited my favorite coffee bean shop “Voila Coffee” in Tenmonkan. I always buy some coffee beans in this shop as a souvenir for my husband. The taste and smell are so good, worth visiting if you are a coffee lover.

However, this shop is too small to drink coffee in this shop, so you have to take it out.

If you did not have time to take hot spring, you can take footbath at Kagoshima airport.

You can find so many specialties in Kagoshima, but this time I bought these products, mainly made from brown sugar and black vinegar. There are many islands such as Yakushima, Amami and Yoron in Kagoshima prefecture, so you will find these islands’ specialties in Kagoshima city and airport.

I usually visit my parents in Kagoshima a few times a year, so I will keep updating the information of this attractive city. Please visit this lovely city when the COVID is over.

Happy aging!